Patron card holders must:
  • give their name and patron card number when making a reservation and show patron card at counter each time
  • check in at the Golf Shop 10 minutes before their tee time
  • check in at tee five minutes before their tee time
  • play in the tee time for which they made the reservation
  • be responsible for the "no show" fee for other persons in their reservation (with a two-hour notification)
  • not allow others to use their card or it will be confiscated
  • play with the same number of patrons by which they made their advanced reservations (when a patron makes a reservation seven days in advance with four patron cards, four patrons must all play in that time)
All golfers in the patron program are expected to abide by Brookview's Pace of Play policy. Groups are expected to:
  • complete each nine in less than two hours, 10 minutes (including breaks between nines)
  • keep up with group ahead of them (unduly slow groups may be asked to leave the course)
  • cooperate by following the suggestions on the score card
Brookview Golf Course reserves the right to:
  • make ALL groups into foursomes
  • sell no 9-hole tickets for the Regulation Course on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm (except Wednesdays from 2–4 pm)
  • sell no 9-hole tickets for the Regulation Course on weekends and holidays before 3:30 pm